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Electronic Rust Proofing

The World Leaders in
Electronic Rust-Proofing Technology


The Benefits of CouplerTec

Here are a few good reasons why CouplerTec should be your 1st Choice:

  • The latest state of the art Computerised Capacitive Coupling Technology.
  • The only Technology that has had proven performance on motor vehicles since the mid 80's.
  • The only system that is fully computerised.
  • The only system that self diagnoses for any possible faults and resets after the fault is rectified.
  • Does not void manufacturers new car warranties.
  • Will not interfere with on-board computers, electronics or radio equipment.
  • Will not drain vehicles battery, uses less power then an in-dash digital clock.
  • Environmentally safe, no toxic chemicals or sprays.
  • Gets to and protects parts that other Rustproofing methods cannot get to.
  • Transferable from vehicle to vehicle and can therefore save you money.
Couplertec Protected Vehicle